Link-Up VanBuren/Cass assists HIV-positive individuals, living in Van Buren and Cass Counties, who are currently not accessing HIV/AIDS care.
Link-Up provides each individual short-term, intensive support through referrals to existing community support programs and/or engagement with an HIV medical provider.


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Link-Up Van Buren/Cass is Van Buren and Cass County's new Data to Care (D2C) initiative. Link-Up utilizes HIV surveillance data to identify & contact HIV-positive individuals that are not currently receiving HIV medical care. Upon contact, Link-Up works with each individual to identify and address their medical and non-medical needs.

Medical Needs: Link-Up makes active referrals to HIV medical providers in the Van Buren/Cass area.

Non-Medical Needs: Link-Up makes active referrals to existing social support services to address barriers, such as:

     > Mental Health Housing Transportation

     > Medical Case Management

     > Early Intervention Services (EIS) Psycho/Social Support

     > Financial Distress Co-Pay Assistance

     > Insurance Enrollment Job Training

     > Food Assistance

     > Nutrition Therapy and Counseling Legal Aid

     > Adherence Counseling


Link-Up is FREE, confidential, and voluntary

HIV in Detroit (Pilot Program)

HIV Care Continuum

Link-Up/D2C is a partnership between Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Detroit Health Department.


1.  Link-Up VB/CASS will actively refer HIV- positive individuals to Van Buren & Cass County medical providers.

2.  If you encounter an HIV-positive individual that needs non-medical support (housing, transportation assistance etc.), Link-Up VB/CASS can connect them to appropriate non- medical support services in the area.


How can providers refer HIV-positive individuals to Link-Up VB/CASS?

1.  Active referral - If your patient agrees, contact Link-Up VB/CASS with your patient.

2.  Provide patient with Link-Up Van Buren/Cass's contact information:

     Susan Oosterwal, RN, BSN

     Phone: 269.621.3143 ext 1360   

                 Note: Voicemail is secure and confidential.

     e-mail:   -   e-mail is for questions only.

                 DO NOT send medical records or personal information via e-mail.