CDC and FDA Investigate Illnesses Linked to Diamond Shruumz Edibles

The CDC, FDA, and America’s Poison Centers are investigating severe acute illnesses potentially linked to Diamond Shruumz chocolate bars, cones, and gummies, which are marketed as containing a proprietary mushroom blend. As of June 11, 2024, 12 cases and 10 hospitalizations have been reported across eight states. The cause is currently unknown. Individuals are advised not to consume, sell, or serve these products and to discard any they have purchased. The agencies are working to determine if other products from the company are also involved.

Key Points:

  • Products Involved: Diamond Shruumz chocolate bars, cones, and gummies.
  • Reported Cases: 12 illnesses in AL, AZ, IN, KY, MO, NV, PA, and SC.
  • Health Effects: Central nervous system depression, seizures, muscle rigidity, abnormal heart rates, gastrointestinal issues, and more.
  • Recommendations: Avoid these products, seek medical attention if symptoms occur, and report cases to the Poison Help Line (1-800-222-1222).
  • Read CDC Health Advisory here.
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