Wellness Centers Combat Racial Health Disparities in Michigan

Lt. Governor Gilchrist highlighted 22 Neighborhood Wellness Centers offering free preventive health screenings to address racial health disparities, including a site in Van Buren County located in Niles. Funded by a $17 million FY24 budget investment, these centers provide blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol screenings, COVID-19 and flu testing, and crisis support. Seven centers are piloting a substance use prevention program. The initiative stems from efforts by the Racial Disparities Task Force to enhance healthcare accessibility and equity across Michigan.

Key Highlights:

  • Services Offered: Preventive health screenings, substance use disorder prevention, crisis support.
  • Locations: 22 centers across Michigan, including Van Buren County, Niles.
  • Funding: $17 million FY24 budget investment.
  • Substance Use Prevention: Pilot program at seven centers, including free naloxone distribution.

Lt. Governor Gilchrist emphasized the importance of these centers in addressing racial health disparities and providing accessible healthcare to underserved communities. See Neighborhood Wellness Centers flyer for center near you and full press release here.

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