Childhood Vision and Hearing

Michigan’s FREE Hearing and Vision Screening Programs

Hearing Laughter, Seeing Smiles

The Van Buren-Cass District Health Department provides FREE hearing and vision screenings to all children in Van Buren and Cass Counties. Screenings are conducted in all schools and at Health Department offices and special clinics.
The ability to hear and see — the ability to learn –is the key to a child’s success.
An undiagnosed hearing and vision problem may interfere with development.
Early detection and treatment of hearing and vision problems can help children succeed in school.

Help Your Child Succeed

Comprehensive screenings are conducted by fully trained hearing and vision technicians.

Michigan’s Public Health Code requires screening during pre-school (ages 3 to 5).

Michigan law requires hearing and vision screening prior to kindergarten entry.

10% of children screened for vision and 5% screened for hearing are referred to specialists.

Preschool age children are screened by appointment at our offices and at special clinics.

Once a child is in school, free screenings continue on a regular basis.

School age children are screened for:
Hearing in grades: kindergarten, second, fourth  and through referrals.

Vision in grades: kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, at drivers training and through referrals.

Parents… Have your child’s Hearing & Vision tested beginning at age 3 and again just before the start of kindergarten.

Call the office to make an appointment for your FREE screening.

Information for Healthcare Providers

For more information Contact Us.
phone 269.621.3143, press “0” for the operator

Or speak to one of our Technicians:

Amy Wagoner
Hearing & Vision Technician
Cass County

Phone 269.782.0064 ext. 2012
Fax 269.782.0121

Melissa Eldred
Hearing & Vision Technician
Van Buren County

Phone 269.621.3143 ext 1333
Fax 269.621.2725

Kimberly Pugsley
Hearing & Vision Technician
Van Buren County

Phone 269.621.3143

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