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Schools and childcare facilities are required to submit a weekly communicable disease report. Van Buren Cass District Health Department Communicable Disease (CD) staff will review the data weekly to monitor trends in our community.

If a school or childcare facility suspects any serious disease, condition, or unusual cluster, contact our CD staff as soon as possible. In each school or childcare building, one person should be assigned to collect the required communicable disease information daily and submit through the links below.

Report Communicable Disease Online

2024-25 Annual School & Childcare Meeting for MCIR/SIRS and Communicable Disease Reporting

Monday, August 12, 2024

Reporting Communicable Disease Instructions

NEW for September 2023: An updated version of the Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools has just been posted to  

Changes include:

  • Removed COVID-19 from immediate call list (middle of page 9)
  • Clarified COVID-19 reporting requirements for schools (page 8)
  • Updated monkeypox to mpox

For Information, Assistance, or to Report
a Serious Disease, Condition, or Unusual Cluster,
Contact Our Team

Diana Baker, RN
Public Health Nurse
Communicable Disease
Cass County

P 269.782.0064 ext 2015
F 269.782.0121

Julie Beeching, RN,BSN
Director of Nursing
Communicable Disease
Van Buren County

P 269.539.5501
F 269.621.2725


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