USDA, FDA and CDC Share Update on HPAI Detections in Dairy Cattle

Federal agencies including the USDA, FDA, and CDC, along with state veterinary and public health officials, are investigating an illness affecting dairy cows, causing decreased lactation and other symptoms. Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been confirmed in dairy herds in Texas, Kansas, and Michigan, with additional presumptive positive tests in other states. While the virus strain is similar to that found in wild birds and not more transmissible to humans, precautions such as biosecurity measures and pasteurization of milk are being emphasized to mitigate risks to animal and human health. The safety of the commercial milk supply remains unaffected, and the FDA advises against consuming raw milk from symptomatic cows. Producers are urged to report illnesses promptly and implement biosecurity measures to minimize impacts. Read more for details here.

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