Michigan Expands Hospital Support for Substance-Exposed Infants with Opioid Settlement Funds

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is allocating $1.3 million from opioid settlement dollars to enhance support for pregnant individuals and families affected by substance use disorder (SUD). This investment expands the rooming-in approach to care for substance-exposed infants in five birthing hospitals across the state.

Rooming-in allows caregivers and infants to stay together after birth, benefiting bonding and reducing the need for NICU stays and medication interventions. Local hospitals, including Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, have received funding to renovate rooms and train staff. Positive feedback from parents and promising results, such as shorter hospital stays for infants, highlight the effectiveness of this initiative.

Michigan’s broader opioid strategy focuses on prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery. For additional opioid resources and to learn more about this initiative and other accomplishments funded by opioid settlements, visit the MDHHS website.

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